Public Transportation In Muscat

Public Transportation In Muscat

It is not absolutely wrong to say that commuting with public transportation is not easy in Muscat, meanwhile Mwasalat red buses have made the life much easier. Red would be your favorite color especially when you are not planning to rent/ buy a car, as using taxis is a luxury in Oman.

Now that the taxis were brought up, lets discuss taxi costs. For certain routes where you want to go on a straight way, you can shout out ‘straight’ or ‘sidah’ to taxis to get a shared taxi which should not cost you more than 500 baisa. Otherwise, the best way to grab one is the mobile applications like ‘Otaxi’, ‘Careem’ and ‘Mwasalat’, except for the airport that no other taxi than airport taxis are allowed inside. The costs for taxi start from 1.5 Omani Rial and can go as high as 10 Omani Rial for commuting inside Muscat.

Back to the buses, Mwasalat bus tickets are 200 to 300 baisa, depending on the region you commute in. Not everywhere in the city is accessible through bus, but you can find their stop in major spots (check the attached map). In specific, one major terminal is in the Muscat airport. So when you arrive at the airport, the only thing you have to do is to go to a floor below the ground floor using the elevator and you see people waiting for the buses. If you are not sure which one to take, there is a nice gentleman managing the lines located there, and you can ask him. Or you can simply call 0096824121500 – 0096824121555, and they will help you find your way very supportively. The buses will arrive at the stations in every 20-30 minutes depending on the hour of the day but be ready to wait more than an hour during the rush hours of the evening.

You can find all the Routes and more information on the Mwasalat Website

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