Muscat - Dubai by car ? Follow us !

Muscat – Dubai by car ? Follow us !

COVID-19 dedicated article!

It’s possible to cross the Oman / UAE border at the Hatta Checkpoint. We have been doing it Mid-October! Want to go? Please check the list of Required Documents and the procedure Below:

Procedure Tested in October 2020 (Our Team made it through!), please visit the officials authorities websites to cross check if any change has been done since:


This is the list of documents related to COVID-19 only. Please provide all conventional travel documents (Passport, Driving Licence…) along with the following list:

  1. Negative PCR test for COVID-19 (Done in any Private Hospital approved by MOH)
  2. The Certificate of NEGATIVE PCR TEST FOR COVID-19 from MOH
  3. Insurance attestation (Your insurance must Cover COVID-19 potential hospitalisation)
  4. Dubai arrivals quarantine procedure declaration form
  5. You must register on the COVID-19 DBX Smart App


1 – Get yourself test with a PCR test in an private hospital approved by MOH :

(The 2nd step must be done at the same time. Please read it before to go the hospital!)

  • Apollo Medical Centre
  • NMC Medical Centre (35 OMR – Results in 3 days, Possible in 24h if you add 20 OMR)
  • Badr Al Samaa Group of Hospitals
  • KIMS Oman Hospital
  • Muscat Private Hospital (70 OMR – Results in 3 days)
  • Abeer Hospital
  • Al Hayat Hospital
  • Aster Al Raffah Hospital
  • Burjeel Hospital
  • Starcare Hospital

The Result MUST BE NEGATIVE, of course. You must keep that paper and show it to the border officer. The test must be 96 hours old maximum when you cross the border.


2 – Request the CERTIFICATE FOR PCR COVID-19 NEGATIVE for travel purpose :

This certificate cost 5 OMR. You can get this document in the same approved private hospital, Just by requesting it at the front desk.

We can ensure you that Muscat Private Hospital and NMC Medical Center do deliver the Certificate.

3 – Print your Insurance Attestation:

You must have a valid Insurance, covering potential COVID-19 related treatments and hospitalisation.

In case you are not sure whether your insurance cover it or not, please get in touch with them.

4 – Print and Fill the Dubai arrivals quarantine procedure declaration form:

Download, print, read and fill the following document:

5 – Download the “COVID19 – DXB Smart App” and register on it!

You’ll find it on Android Market here:


For the iOS user it’s here:

Registering on the App is a requirement. But we didn’t get the SMS with the confirmation code. For us, having the App downloaded on our phone was enough to pass the border.

6 – Drive to the Border

As usual, once you’re ready, just get on the Highway, enjoy the stunning Omani sceneries that accompany you all the way to the Hatta Border! 🙂

We have used the HATTA BORDER CHECKPOINT, and we can’t confirm if it’s possible to cross by any other checkpoint. If you have more information, please leave a comment!

7 – Pass the Border 1/2 – Exit Oman

Crossing the Border was easy, you must park your car and walk in the departure Hall. You’ll get your temperature checked. They will also ensure you have all required documents to go to UAE.

Then they simply give you the stamp and let you go.

It took approximately 10 minutes.

8 – Pass the Border 2/2 – Enter UAE

On the UAE Side you’ll go thought the following steps:

  • They will examinate all the required documents,
  • They will Perform a new PCR TEST for COVID-19, even if yours is < 24h Old,
  • They will Check if you have downloaded the application and request you to do so.

We had a problem with the SMS for the confirmation, but they let us pass anyway. We finally got the confirmation code, the “OTP” by mail later, the same day.

9 – Welcome to UAE, but…

You Still need to remain quarantined until you get the confirmation of the negative PCR test done at the border. You should find your PCR TEST result directly in the mobile application (For the test done at the border).

If the test done at the border is positive, you’ll have to stay quarantined for 14days! You won’t be able to travel. It may cause high hotel expenses, be careful and respect the Covid-19 Safety Measures

To Drive in Dubai you must purchase a “Salik Tag” and register on the Salik System!

We will soon publish an article about Dubai to Oman by land, Stay tuned!

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