Import a Used car from UAE to Oman!

Import a Used car from UAE to Oman!

Let us Guide you through the process!

By plane, you’re one hour from the best bargain you can get if you are looking for a second hand car! The market is simply Huge, so you’re more likely to find what you’re looking for!

You can start by having a look on one of the numerous second hand car dealer to get an idea of what you want:

Important Rules:

  • You dont need a residence visa in UAE…
  • …But a valid Omani resident visa is mandatory!
  • You can’t export a car which is over 6 years old
  • The Custom for car export in Dubaï are open 24/7

Step 1: Purchase of Car

Once you have decided on a car, you have to meet with the seller at one of the authorized RTA locations – for example RTA Tasjeel Al Barsha Car Testing (Other location can be found on the official RTA Website). Once at the testing bay, car will be inspected by RTA, which is a mandatory process to transfer the ownership of the car.

Once the transfer is done at the first counter, you need to purchase a UAE insurance. In the above center is an insurance company which will provide a one-week UAE insurance and otherwise in close distance is another company who can assist. One week will cost around 100 – 150 AED, depending on the car size and value.

After UAE insurance is available, the export certificate can be applied at the counter.

We highly recommend to check the details on the certificate such as chassis number and passport as it was wrong in my case and would lead to issues at the border at a later stage.

With the export certificate, the export number plate can be collected (blue number plate) and we are done at the RTA.

Total cost for inspection and documentation was around AED 750 in our case. As per the details on the certificate, you have 7 days’ time to export the car.

Step 2: Export the Car

Here, we will explain the process via the Hatta / Wajaja / Khatmat Millaha border.

Once reaching the border in Hatta, you can proceed directly to the border officer and get the export stamp in your passport. Also highlight that you want to export the car and show the export certificate you got earlier at the RTA.

Before going now to the Oman Border, you have to stop in the middle and arrange for the export customs clearance.

You should stop next to the gas stations and we can recommend to proceed to Al Nowras Transport & Customs Clearance there. The office is open 24/7 and will be happy to assist with the export documentation. The cost are around OMR 20 for the same.

But please note that before the export documents can be processed, a car insurance for Oman needs to be shown. Either you arrange the same in advance or you can go to the insurance broker next to Al Nowras who offer various insurances for 3 or 7 days or even longer. In my case, I’ve bought a 7 day insurance to have a bigger option of provides for the 1 year insurance and you will require a letter from the insurance to confirm the 1 year validity as well as new registration is required. Not sure that same is available at that post.

After showing the Oman insurance confirmation along with the export certificate, the export customs clearance can be processed. Please note that also a car value needs to be provided in this step. We recommend to inform about the correct number as same will be important in the next step.

Once you got the document, you can proceed further to the Omani Customs.

Step 3: Importing into Oman

Instead of proceeding directly to the usual check point, please stop in advance and proceed to the customs clearance agents house on the right side. You can proceed with any of the local parties but would recommend to use the same party (Al Nowras Transport & Customs Clearance) as before.

Clic on the picture to open it on Google Map!

The agent will take you to the customs officer as you need to create an importer code within the customs system. For the same, they will request your Omani ID. After paying the service charge of OMR 10, the agent will proceed with the import customs clearance.

For this, he will ask again for the documents of the car and the value. The value will be used for the import duty calculation, which is currently 5% of it. Now you might think to declare a low value in order to save money but before the clearance is completed, you will need to get the car checked by the customs officer at the border who will determine the value they will consider for the car. Although you might mention it’s OMR 1000, the officer might put in the system OMR 3000 on which the duties will be applicable on.

After the inspection is done, you have to return to the agents building and pay the duties after which the clearance will be completed and the agent will hand over the completed import clearance documents to you.

Now you can proceed to the “real” border post, get your passport stamped and show again at the last check point the clearance documents and enter Oman

Step 4: Registering the car in Oman

Now that we have the car in Oman, we still have the blue UAE number plate and need to register the car within 14 days (please check the days at same might change) in Oman.

To do so, the car needs to be inspected by the police. Currently, there is only one location in Muscat for the same opposite the old Muscat Airport.

Before going for the inspection, please make sure that you arrange for a yearly Oman insurance. You will require the proof from the insurance along with an Arabic letter which will need to be handed over at the inspection area as they will write the comments of the inspection on it. This is how the head of the document looks for your reference:

At the inspection area, you can proceed directly to the inspection bays on the right side where the police officer will make a quick check of the car.

Important: Before going there, please make sure that the underbody cover is removed. If it’s still there, please go to a close by gas station or garage and remove it temporary as otherwise the inspection won’t be completed and you will have to return again to the inspection bay.

Generally, the inspection takes only a few minutes and if the car was already checked by RTA in Dubai, we do not foresee problems with this check.

After the inspection is completed, please proceed to the house next to it where you can collect the testing report.

Once testing report is collected, you can collect a token for the registration.

Please make sure that you have the testing report, import clearance documents, a valid one-year Oman insurance document as well as the 2 blue number plates from your car as they will collect it from you.

Once the document is done in the system, you have to pay the registration fee of around OMR 40 and get a new token to collect your number plates outside and voila, the car is officially ready to be used in Oman!


  • Rizaldar Rasheed

    Rizaldar Rasheed

    November 24, 2019

    Greetings! This is such an informative article which accurately covers the whole procedure from start to finish. On behalf of all the readers, I appreciate your work. Much thanks and regards.

  • Haider


    February 1, 2020

    If you bring one car you sale it in few month then can you bring another car from uae? Or is there any restriction on number of cars you can bring?..

    • Niklas


      February 4, 2020

      Hello Haider, thanks for your question. The amount of possible imports depends on your nationality. As an expat, you can only import one car in total but Omanis can import unlimited amount of cars.

  • Nick


    February 19, 2020

    Hello, nice article. Are you allowed to carry passengers when you export the car from UAE to Oman? Will the insurance cover passengers or for single driver only?

  • Andrew


    May 19, 2020

    Yes, many thanks for this. I already own a car here in the UAE, but am leaving the country. I’m thinking of leaving it here over the summer and picking it up in August or September, then exporting it. Is that possible?

  • Sebastian


    August 18, 2020

    Can you tell what is the current situation for importing car from UAE

  • Dr. K. Khan

    Dr. K. Khan

    October 10, 2020

    Thank you very much for the detailed information.

  • Kiran


    December 3, 2020

    Hi i am shifting to UAE to Oman, but i will get employment visa in coming week. Employment visa i can export car in my name right ? As you mentioned Omani ID will take time. D

  • Libertine


    March 7, 2021

    Hi may I know if car manufactured in 2013 and purchased in 2014 in UAE will be accepted in Oman for import and registration? Total km used is only around 35,000 km.

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