Wadi Shab – The Cave

Wadi Shab – The Cave Claimed

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Key Information

  • Difficulty : 2/5
  • Technicity: Small rocks to climb, slippery area, Swimming Required.
  • Time : 3 to 4 hours
  • Distance : 5 km (Return Walk)
  • Elevation : + 60m / – 60m
  • Topography: Clear path, including wadi stone climbing and swimming sections to reach the Cave.


Detailled Map


  • Wadi Shab is located 1.5 hour from Muscat.
  • You can access Wadi Shab with any type of car, no OffRoad Required.
  • On the parking you will find toilets, prayer room and a small shop to buy snacks and drinks. The small Shop is closed during ramadan.
  • To access the wadi, you need to be transfered on the right bank from the parking. A boat service is in place and cost 1 OMR / Person (Return way). The Boat service Operate from 7 AM to 6PM.
  • You can only pay by cash, prepare change.
  • At the entrance of the Wadi, you will walk along garden on soil & mud.
  • First part: For a hundred meters the wadi is flat and the floor is covered with pebbles.
  • Second part : Once you reach the very first pool, stay on the right side and follow the way along the wall.
  • Third part: The way cross a rocky area where you have to get around man boulder and “climb” few (Very easy).
  • Fourth part: Pools crossing. Wearing (water) shoes is recommended.
  • Fifth part: The last pool is about 50 meters long and there are limited area where to rest, it’s also not possible to climb on the side.
  • The cave: At the end of the pool you will find a very narrow entrance to the cave. where only your head can path. It’s about 4 meters long.

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