Easy Delivery: PO Box & E-Post!

Easy Delivery: PO Box & E-Post!

With a P.O Box: Get anything mail/shipped directly in your maibox! Order on Amazon, Aliexpress and much more!

  • 20 OMR / Year,
  • From 1st Jan to 31st Dec – Pay in proportion of the time remaning for the year,
  • Reservation of a P.O. Box up to 2 Years
  • 15 Post office In Muscat,
  • Easy to Apply Online, to renew Online or in Any Post Office,
  • Resident Card / ID Mandatory.

Apply for P.O Box Online…

  1. Go to https://poboxes.omanpost.om/ePostBox/Transaction/BoxSubscriber.aspx
  2. Choose your P.O Box number
  3. Fill Mandatory fields
  4. Submit the new subscription form
  5. Pay online payment (Visa or Master card only)
  6. Print the Payment Receipt
  7. Visit the Post Office to collect your locker key (ID Required)

…or Apply for P.O. Box directly in Post Office:

  1. Check our listing page to find your nearest post office!
  2. Go to the post office during it’s opening time,
  3. Request a P.O. Box Opening Form & fill it up,
  4. Pay the amount directly at the counter & collect your key!

No P.O. Box available? Need more flexibility?

Discover E-post! (Service from Oman Post)

A dynamic Hybrid Post box that allows you to securely receive both Physical and Digital mail in the same address!

  • Secure: You can receive Private and Confidential Mail & Package,
  • Life Long: Your ePost Address does not expire, you keep if for life,
  • Easy Tracking : Full Track & trace option for premium delivery,
  • All In One: Get your Physical and Digital mail in the same Address,
  • SMS Alert: for incoming mail items!

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