By Car: Back from Dubai to Muscat

By Car: Back from Dubai to Muscat

Few days back, we posted the article “Muscat – Dubai by car ? Follow us !” we are now back in Muscat and pleased to give you all information about returning to Muscat.

This article applies ONLY to Oman CITIZENS and RESIDENTS! Any other situation (Business trips, Tourist Visa, GCC Resident visit…) please refer to official websites for information.


  • Your ID or Resident Card / Resident Visa
  • A NEGATIVE PCR TEST RESULT (Results are valid for 96 hours from the time test results are received.)
  • All other documents required for normal traveling (Passport, Mulkia,…)

1 – Driving to the Border

Nothing specific regarding the drive back to the Border. No checkpoints or Control.

2 – Crossing the Border: Leaving UAE

As a negative PCR test is required to enter Oman, the Border Agent from UAE side asked for my PCR test result.

We used the result of the test performed to enter UAE as we have entered UAE only 3 days earlier and the result from the tests performed at the border were still valid (<96 hours). The result test was available on the “History” section of the application.

But Be careful it might not be enough!

If you Stay more that 96 Hours in Dubai, you will need a new test to return to Oman.

We are not sure if the Omani Authorities will consider this proof as sufficient in the future. To avoid problem, get yourself a new PCR test in Dubai.

You can easily find a Covid Test Facility Across Dubai, there are plenty of list available online.
Price vary between 150 AED to 370 AED and results should be available between 24 to 48 hours.

There are Test Facilities in several malls such as:

  • Mall of Emirates
  • Mall of Dubai
  • City Center Mirdif
  • City Center Deira

In malls the price for Test should be around 150 AED. For booking and more information please call DHA: 800342 from with a Local Sim Card, or visit DHA Website (Clic to follow the link)

You should only get tested in these center for Travel Purpose if you are Symptom Free. If you have any symptom, please AVOID Crowded areas, and follow the Safety measures given by Official Authorities:

Dubai Health Authority – Guidelines If Infected by COVID-19 (Clic to follow the link)

To prevent yourself and your relatives to be infected, please refer to these Official Authorities Guidelines:

If you have all documents, passing the border is easy. You just need to pay the “New Exit Fee”. For one person with a car today it is Around 35 AED.

2 – Crossing Border – Entering Oman

Before to pass the entry checkpoint, you will be required to pass to a quick Health Check. Your temperature will be taken along with all information regarding your trip details and your ID.

With your ID, Resident card & Passport, you must show a NEGATIVE PCR TEST to be allowed to enter the country.

Once you passed the Health Check and the entry checkpoint, you’re allowed to enter Oman.

4 – Quarantine in Oman

At the moment we are writing this article, IT IS REQUIRED TO REMAIN QUARANTINED FOR 14 DAYS ONCE YOU ENTER. Even if the PCR test you have done to enter the country is Negative.

It’s not very clear at the moment we are writing the article but one more test must be required at the end of the quarantine period, before to go back to your normal life.

We will keep you posted.

Stay Safe!

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