Assalamu alaykum!

Assalamu alaykum!

السلام عليكم on “” !

We’ve put a lot of time and efforts to create “”, aimed with the idea to fit a maximum of Information about the sultanate in One plateform.

What is “OKMuscat”?

A “One Point” database of information about the Sultanate!

Events, Information, Cultural Events, Restaurants, Services, Hotel, Nightlife, Sales & discount, Trekking Roads, Wadi, Desert, Camping Spot, Sport Complex, Services, and so much more!

Traveler, Businessman, Expatriate or citizen, we hope that our advice and information database will benefit to anyone living or passing by the Sultanate of Oman!

– Elias, Founder

Psssst! We’re about to fit it in your pocket with our coming app! 🙂 Our Application is Coming! Stay Tuned!

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